Area of expertise #01

A hotel welcomes the traveller, it carries the values of warmth and hospitality.

It is an open but intimate universe. It is also a contemporary space that adjusts to multiple functions.

It is a major source of research in the fields of design and technology.

Atelier du Torrent specializes in the renovation and construction of hotels.

Those are complex and demanding projects that require a distinctive and cross-disciplinary know-how.

The success of a project depends on the organization, management and the consistency of
the involved team, architects and engineers, as well as the quality of the companies.

Atelier du Torrent offers its skills
that allow to expand the potentialities of an existing building and for some programs to initiate a dialogue between the exterior and the interior.

As part of the overall construction mission, Atelier du Torrent offers the required engineering skills for each project.

Architecture and heritage

The quality of a territory or a building is for us the heritage of a place.

The architectural project takes into account the qualities of this heritage to find its rightness.

This is particularly the case for Parisian buildings, but it is also the case for new buildings in suburban sites where we want to bring a landscape approach in order to fit the building in its territory.

Our 15-year experience has led us to work on iconic buildings such as the Martinez Hotel in Cannes or the Louvre Hotel in Paris.

Atelier du Torrent has expertise based on experience, training and research.

interior design

The interior architecture accompanies the user in his privacy, as it shapes the sourounding environment, from the furnitures to the textiles and the accessories.

This know-how is expressed in various projects, but it is above all in the hotel sector that we have to intervene with high interest in the relations between architecture and interior design as well as in the spacial and visual porosity between the interior and exterior.

We rely on pallets of various materials which give each project a unique harmony where nature and materials assert themselves.

Sensitivity, simplicity and poetry are the characteristics of the interior architecture we develop.

Ergonomics and space appropriation are the qualities we seek for interior design.

Meticulous precision is needed both during the study and the construction phase in order to achieve the expected quality.

Atelier du Torrent has developed various projects :

– Interior desing contracts – Pullman at La Défense – Four Seasons Bora Bora in collaboration with DL2A – Westin Aqaba in collaboration with Jean Philippe Nuel.

– Interior desing and architecture contracts, Raffles Europejski Warsaw, Mgallery Essaouira, Park Hyatt Paris.

– Design contracts for which interior design requires a technical approach similar to industrial design – Suite Novotel.


Housing is perhaps the first architectural expression.

It is a fundamental and inexhaustible theme for an architect.

To carry a project of individual or collective housing is to enter into the domestic space, into the scale of intimacy.

It also generates a new ecosystem that resonates with the urban environment.

Atelier du Torrent is working with its client to explore the potential of the project.

The architectural interest relates to the complementarity of the domestic and urban scales.

The exercise of rigour reflects on the improvement of the architectural quality during the project development by maintaining and optimazing the financial target and the planning of the operation.

Atelier du Torrent handled during the years various scales and contexts, from the construction of individual housing to that of grouped housing, from programming to the complex restructuring of existing buildings.

Our approach is based on accompanying our clients rigorously and with a high sense of responsibility on architecture, interior desing and landscape projects.

The same recurrent values can be found in our projects: High functionality and quality of interior spaces, source of inspiration in Japanese architecture, porosity between interiors and exteriors.

Area of expertise #05

Professional premises are spaces that evolve with new professional practices.

The adaptability of spaces must be combined with the efficiency of technical systems.

In the context of conversion or restructuring, the quality of the spaces is revealed in the development of the existing building and its necessary adaptation to modernity.

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