Atelier du Torrent bears the name of the street that was born in – Carrer del Torrent de les Flors in Barcelona.

The torrent that flows out of the source represents the original energy that flows down to the formation of rivers.

This energy sculpts and carries away the mater creating mineral constructions, forming dams and refuges.

By travelling the different regions, it transports alluvials capable of modifying the layout of its course and silts which redraw the landscapes by fertilizing the soils. The torrent influences the environment by creating its own ecosystems.

The torrent symbolizes both birth, purity, freedom, movement, creation. It is an allegory of time passing and which acts on matter, of renewal, of life.

Atelier du Torrent draws its source and meaning from it.


Personalized and multidisciplinary support.
The architects of Atelier du Torrent explore different dimensions of the project in order to propose relevant and innovative solutions in response to the specific challenges related to the project :
the coherence of the program, regulatory-technical and environmental constraints, specific disciplines complementary to those of the architect,
engineers, landscapers, decorators,…

Architecture and craftmanship

Atelier du Torrent, embraced craftsmanship know-how, technical details, multi-disciplinary collaboration, in situ exchange and learning. This approach offers rigoristic and an experience of great value to our architectural production.

Foresight and innovation

Since architecture is a living and constantly evolving discipline, Atelier du Torrent is part of a prospective approach. It is based on translation and adaptation of the client’s needs, anticipation, societal, environmental and technical developments to arrive at the definition of new functions and spaces. Atelier du Torrent proposes adapted architectural answers integrating innovative technologies and/or materials while taking part in an eco-responsible approach.

Franck Demay

Franck Demay, is graduated from the Ecole Boulle of interior design (DSAA) in 1994 and from the Ecole d’Architecture de Paris la Villette (Architect D.P.L.G) in 2000. He collaborated for several years with Parisian architectural agencies and joined the international network «Architecturas Colectivas».

In 2004, he founded Atelier du Torrent in Paris and, in 2009, an office in Barcelona to carry projects of national and international scale, more particularly in the prestigious hotels (Hotel Martinez in Cannes – Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme).

Supported by a multicultural and multidisciplinary team, Franck Demay extends his activity related to construction and rehabilitation of complex projects to other areas: heritage, special and collective housing, cultural and public infrastructures and offices . (A & B Houses at Pré-Saint-Gervais Béranger, Mix’art Myrys in Toulouse).

Passionate about his profession, he claims craftmanship as a foundation of architecture. He guarantees customer proximity, as well as custom design quality.