Raffles Europejski Warsaw Hotel

Ville/Town : Varsovie, Pologne
Année/Year : 2012
Surface : 10 400 m²
Coût/Cost : NC

Hotel Europejski is an iconic building of old Warsaw.

Before the war, it was one of the most prestigious palaces in Central Europe. The tumults of history have caused partial destruction and brutal restructuring that has altered the qualities of the building.

The owners who have obtained the return of their property wish to rediscover the original identity of the building: its hotel function as the main activity through a mixed program. The Raffles operator is associated with the project.

Our proposal, if it remains above all an approach of interior design, develops interventions in facades, landscaping and a concept of highlighting the outdoor space.

The project is based on a recomposition of interior spaces tending towards decompartmentalization and rigorous organization.

Translation of traditional know-how, interpretation of works of art, diversion of traditional techniques, literary influences and connection with nature are the conceptual bases of our project. The challenge of this renovation presupposes an international competition.

Atelier du Torrent is a finalist.