Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme


Ville/Town : 75002 Paris, France
Année/Year : 2016-2019
Surface : 15 900 m²
Coût/Cost : 18 M €

Located in rue de la Paix in Paris, near Opera Garnier and Vendôme square, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme Palace counts 9 floors of which 2 basements and opens onto two inner courtyards.

Its’ discreet luxury and elegance combine the classic style with the values of French architecture and a contemporary sophisticated design.

Designed in 2002 by the American French based architect Ed Tuttle, the Palace undertook in 2016 the creation of new suites and the complete hotel’s renovation: 153 rooms and suites, Le Pur restaurant, the Lobby and Bar, the Spa and the conference rooms.
The renovation concerns primarily the creation of new rooms, the improvement of comfort and services through site specific design, automation and smart technologies and the compliance upgrade regarding fire safety as well as equipment and architectural standards for people with disabilities.

Atelier du Torrent was entrusted with the mission of architectural and interior design in collaboration with Ed Tuttle who brought his talent in order to define the architectural layout and the decoration of the spaces.

The renovation was carried out in an occupied site, following a complex schedule.
This large-scale renovation achieved to further intensify the identity and qualities of the Palace by reinforcing its contemporary and classic identity, its sophisticated and refined comfort, symbols of French luxury.